*Free Download*

We are still chipping away at the mountain that is our debut album but we haven’t forgotten about you all. Here’s a free download of Mozart Hurricane to fill that peculiar shaped Bear Cav hole.


Pre-Order Puryss Now

On the 5th of November you will all be able to get your mitts on our new baby, Puryss. If you can’t wait anymore, then you can pre-order this little cherub on iTunes here, it’s just £2.49 for 5 tracks which you can get HERE. 

If you buy the physical copy you are in for some treats, There is a card in there that lets you download a whole bunch of extra tracks that we lovingly recorded with a dying computer in the bear cave. You can get that from the Alcopop Records store HERE.


The second track from our new EP; ‘Puryss’ is called ‘Aubrey Plaza’ and it is up for free download over at Alcopop! Yes! Free! We’re good to you. Should also say we’re having a wild ol’ time away on tour, it’d be lovely to see some of you out and about.

Bear Cavalry - Aubrey Plaza by alcopop

Some lyrics from some songs. Demos can all be found in some corner of the internet or another.


Photo from the Mash Up finale. Calvary <3

Photo from the Mash Up finale. Calvary <3

The Word ‘Canoe’ Live From Barcelona

Greetings fellow humans, have a wee gander at this vid of us sweating out The Word ‘Canoe’ in front of 2000 beautiful, dripping party animals at Razzmatazz Clubs, Barcelona. Twas such a fun night/morning. Taken from our upcoming EP ‘Puryss’ out November 5th on Alcopop Records.